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JiangXi Transung Chemical Packing Co.,Ltd (江西全兴化工填料有限公司) is one of the largest manufacturers of chemical packing and environment friendly ceramic in China and mainly focuses on the development and application of...
Top global companies, Japanese companies Nippon Steel and Iron Group Company, Limited to send experts to our company, and to determine the intention of buying ceramic Raschig ring packing.
Tianjin, a packed tower acid corrosion engineering company by the commitment of GSK fill all the installation and construction, clean up of old products, all using the new acid-temperature ceramic products, making the production efficiency greatly improved. Applications: Ceramic regular chain, cer
Transung Chemical Packing Co., the Jiangxi Lianhua County to undertake the water plate, ceramic filter, inclined tube filling installation and construction completed by New Year's Day in 2005, but also in time for the county years ago for the old Lotus tap water supply to provide a guarantee.
Pingxiang Quanxing water companies and companies, the use of GSK's plate, filter head and the ceramic filter of the new technology, the hemp plant landscape to transform the fast filter, run the past six months, and achieved satisfactory results. After the transformation filter, anti-rinse thoroughl
June 2006 the water plant in Weifang whitecaps filled round my company's ceramic filter In Weifang City Water Company and water plants Brownsea the strong cooperation of command, in June the company round white horses to water plants supply Weifang ceramic filter, and with the successful completio
Citroen companies Hydro and GSK, GSK's use of the filter plate, filter head, and the new technology, the water plant's 20,000 m3 / D fast transform filter, run the past six months, and achieved satisfactory results . After the transformation filter, anti-rinse thoroughly improve the filtering effect
Development of a water plant in Nanchang, Jiangxi Changbei installation of ceramic filter plates
GSK packing company with good reputation in the sector, following the first phase of Changsha BYD Auto Painting Wastewater project Sedimentation tank filler cellular installation of inclined tube.
June my company in Henan Xinxiang Huaxing Pharmaceutical processing 6 million tons at wastewater treatment filter media, special filter plates and the first biological filter in one fell swoop Outright Purchase
Sinopec Tahe branch BAF water reuse project is located in Kuqa County of Xinjiang, the use of biological aerated filter process, in the second half of 2006 was put into trial operation. I Tahe branch company of Sinopec in the water reuse project provides a bio-ceramic filter, put into operation, wat
An iron and steel enterprises in Hebei Province in July 2007 approved by site visits I produced the TCP Ceramic Filter reliable, with good construction and installation technology. After running through the installation and construction, Wugang company currently running the department expressed its
CNOOC Limited is a fuel Zhanjiang process based oil company, which mainly contained the wastewater generated COD, oil and SS and other pollutants. Sewage treatment plant at 600 tons of sewage, using the "grease + CAF + two BAF + filter (reserved)" combined process wastewater. The company I produced
Hunan, Jiangxi GSK company to undertake a comprehensive utilization of waste water resources engineering Iron and Steel Group BAF with media. The project is a waste of resources utilization of industrial waste water treatment capacity in Hunan Province is currently the largest environmental project
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